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Emergency Post Top Luminaires - changing perceptions of choosing style or function

In a world where public safety is key, emergency lighting is becoming more and more important. But what does the lighting market really have to offer?


With more and more commercial and residential buildings being developed or refurbished, emergency lighting is a key factor to consider. There are very few products on the market that offer both style and function when it comes to safety lighting.  Most exterior fittings have functional designs that cannot be matched to aesthetic. However, we have developed an emergency option compatible with a range of our post top fittings and bollards… bringing together both style and function.

The emergency mode will be triggered when the power supply is cut. This may occur for many reason including natural disasters, power cuts or even if a fire was to break out within a building. It is vital that all persons are able to safely make their way out of the building. Once outside historically, emergency lighting was few are far between, but our newest offering helps light the way from the builds exits to the designated muster points.

Here are a selection of the stylish luminaires that are compatible with the emergency option;

Italo 1

The sleek Italian luminaire with excellent efficiency and high-performance functionality is suitable for street and urban applications. Italo is a versatile solution with AEC’s patented Comfort Optic, drastically reducing glare as well and a smooth design perfect for the lighting road and pathways. 


Villa II

The second-generation Villa is a legacy lantern perfectly suited to heritage schemes for urban areas, pathways and parks and plazas. Our emergency option ensures you still maintain elegance within your area whilst being practical. The luminaire is available in a range of colour temperatures.

Villa II

Auriga 2.0

This luminaire is available in two body types, giving you even more options – post top and stirrup mounted. The contemporary luminaire can be used for a variety of areas including street, hospitality, commercial, education and urban environments.

Auriga 2.0_Post Top


Viva-City Pro – 40W, 60W and 80W

Viva-City Pro is a modular slimline street lantern with improved efficacy and output, as well as dimming, photocell and emergency capabilities, allowing it to be fine-tuned to meet your exacting needs.

Viva City PRO

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