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Kingfisher Rail

Presenting the new Kingfisher Rail guide!

Our in-house experts have a wealth of experience in the Rail sector and worked on many large-scale projects throughout the UK and we now have an informative brochure available to guide you through the world of rail lighting.         

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We offer a range of sleek, performance LED luminaires perfect for rail-side projects, offering energy efficiency and a low-glare distribution as standard.  Our High Mast offering makes the ideal accompaniment for maintenance depos and service yards.

Check out some of our featured rail luminaires…

Klou 180

The newly upgraded Italian bollard offers a stylish design and perfect beam control. The new optics allow 10m spacings between bollards making it perfect for projects needing maximum lighting coverage with fewer fittings.


This sleek Italian made luminaire is a high-performance post top fitting with a modular lens and reflector-based system offering a low-glare distribution. With excellent energy efficiency and quality output, the I-TRON is the perfect accompaniment for rail stations.


This flat to ground LED flood light has low profile design reduces the load as well as decreasing windage. This luminaire is perfect for level crossings or even rail-side services yards.

Tocca 2.0

This recessed fitting is suitable for a range of applications in and around the station. From handrails to accenting architecture, this versatile luminaire also offers a 2700K colour temperature option.

Visit out Rail page today, download the new Rail guide or call the team today and see how we can help bring your rail project to life.

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