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Project Spotlight – International Bomber Command Centre

With Remembrance Day still in our minds, we’re releasing a very special edition of the Project Spotlight.


We had the honour of illuminating the International Bomber Command Centre, Lincoln. Created in memory of the many people who gave their lives to support the command, this centre features a 31-metre memorial spire in which emulates the shape and size of the wing of a bomber. It also hosts two peace gardens and the Chadwick Centre including educational exhibitions and galleries. 

Kingfisher Lighting were invited to create an elegant lighting solution to compliment the award-winning structure and site. We wanted to honour the site and provide an ambience for peaceful reflection, so we chose high quality Italian-made luminaires for the best illumination possible.

We placed a MOTO mini flood within the structure itself, providing powerful internal illumination to effectively accentuate the memorial's significance within the Lincoln skyline. This choice is complementary to the memorial, given its status as the largest memorial structure in the UK.

External to the structure, INGROUND luminaires were chosen to illuminate the exterior of the core-10 replica wing, enhancing its architectural features and overall visual appeal.

For safe navigation throughout the site, 500mm KLOU IK architectural bollards were strategically positioned to illuminate pathways, ensuring guests can walk securely after dusk. These sleek bollards created a subtle illumination along the way to the memorial and the Chadwick Centre.

To enhance the site's aesthetics and provide safe passage for staff and visitors, RAY downlighters were strategically placed around the Chadwick Centre. They not only added to the site's overall visual appeal but also ensured the pathways had accurate uniformity levels.  

Additionally, the car park is illuminated with high performance ITALO luminaires, which ensure optimised levels to meet specification and promote a safe and secure environment.

The combination of these luminaires ensured both the safety and visual impact of the memorial, making it a striking addition to the Lincoln skyline and a fitting tribute as the UK's largest memorial.

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