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Proud Supporters of Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust

We are pleased to announce we are now supporting our community nature reserve. Rainworth Heath Nature Reserve is owned and maintained by Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust and is host to many species of plants and wildlife.


We are dedicated to supporting our local community and were keen to take the opportunity to further widen the knowledge and understanding of the effects of lighting on the environment and in turn protect the natural habitats of many species.


Through our work within the industry, our in-house experts were key in the creation of guidance notes on this very subject, as well as the creation of CPD’s to educate and inform those in the field. Bats and insects can be quickly affected by the impact of exterior lighting, with potential feeding patterns and basic functions being impacted. It’s the interest of the Kingfisher and the Wildlife Trust that we work together to further protect our local environment.


Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust have a small team of people dedicated to maintaining the 16 hectares of land and monitor the many different wildlife species which include birds, bats, fungi, insects, lichen and mosses. The Trust currently have Hebridean sheep grazing on site as a natural way of maintaining the long-grassed areas.


As part of our commitment to this valued community project, our team will be taking part in volunteer days to assist in the maintenance of the land, ensuring the site is a safe habitat for wildlife as well as for the public access as one of the last remaining areas of heathland in Nottinghamshire.



To find out more about this site and other local sites, visit or contact us for more details on our environmental work within the industry.


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