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Proudly Sponsoring SAPCA Conference 2020

SAPCA has been supporting sport and play construction projects for many years and has become one of the leading resources for guidance in the sports industry. They promote innovative collaborations to ensure success within projects in the sports construction industry.


Each year SAPCA host an informative and educational event, providing guidance through workshops and breakout sessions which look at the industry’s hottest topics. The conference focuses on raising the standards for sports facility projects, through topics such as Innovation in the Design of Sports Venues and Training Facilities, celebrating women in sport and well as Football and tennis families.

This year’s event is held at St George’s Park National Football Centre, Staffordshire on the 24th February 2020.

The evening rounds up with a dinner to celebrate the achievements of members and associated projects through the SAPCA awards.

Kingfisher are not only proud to be attending and participating in the day’s events but are one of the sponsors. Find out more about SAPCA and the great work they do at

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