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Shining a Light on the Kingfisher Architectural Range

For almost 30 years Kingfisher have been working alongside our Italian partners, Arcluce to bring the best in Italian made architectural design.

The Arcluce exterior lighting range has been ‘designed for humans’ and offers a wide array of state-of-the-art luminaires to enhance the best lighting schemes. We have carefully crafted our range to offer a wealth of flexibility and our expert Project Managers will guide you through the best combination for your project.


Here is just a small selection of luminaires in our range:


This stylish wall mounted fitting is perfect for an array of applications from Façade Lighting to Pathways. Ellis is ideal for accentuating architectural features and available in single or twin projection, as well as two size options.


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Soul 180

Soul is an innovative bollard and light pole range, available in a number of heights. The sleek design allows it to be smoothly integrated into a range of scenes making is great for everything from residential and retail to amenity and commercial applications.  It can add a sense of style to your projects without compromising the quality.

Soul 180 series

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The high-performance LED flood light is versatile and can adapt to a variety of applications. It has an extensive range of optics including RGB options to add colour to your lighting schemes.


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Lunio is a sleek luminaire with options for column or wall mounting. The elegant design enables the fitting to suit a variety of applications such as parks, plazas and urban settings. Available in comfort or performance options, which both maximise the LED energy efficiency and optimises consumption.


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Inground Series

Inground is a range of recessed floor fittings, all with a stainless-steel trim. The range guarantee excellent performance in a compact size. Perfect for accentuating architectural features, Ingrounds are perfect for driveways, wall washing and walk over applications.


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To find out more about our architectural fittings click here or contact our team.

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