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Shining a Spotlight on Warmer Colour Temperatures

With continued research on the effects of lighting on both humans and wildlife, we are taking a stand to create a warmer welcome! Our product ranges now offer a wider array of colour temperature options to create perfect lighting schemes.


As technology becomes more prevalent in modern life, with many of us spending the majority of our days behind harshly lit computer monitors under bright lighting or using small blue-hued screens to arrange our social calendar or check the news, designers are acting on the increased importance of creating human-centric environments within public realm spaces, offices and city streets.

The warmer colour temperatures of exterior lighting within these spaces help to drive a calming atmosphere for its guests, both human and animals alike. Our warmer lighting families include high powered street lights, sleek amenity luminaires, as well as architectural accent fittings; offering a bright tool-kit to create the perfect outdoor installation.

We have helped many customers to take advantage of the warmer colour temperatures and create a aesthetic, functional lighting solutions, including;   

NEC, Birmingham

When considering the rejuvenation of the outdoor lighting around the NEC, we became aware of the nature reserve that backs onto the site. This area is home to an array of wildlife including bats and insects that need to be protected. 3000K Italo road lanterns were selected and create the perfect environment for the service yard users, while lessening the impact on local wildlife.


Gabriel Square, St Albans

This prestigious housing development incorporates elegant minimal design and human-centric attributes to create a central outdoor living space for residents. Using our architectural accent luminaires including, Tocca 2.0, Tito 55, Stone, Inground, Tula and more, we were able to design an engaging lighting scheme using 2700K and 3000K illumination.

Gabriel Sq

Contact our Projects Team for more information on warm colour temperatures and see how our lighting could transfer your project.

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