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Success for ESTEEM - Donate now!

Success for ESTEEM - Donate now!  

This past weekend outdoor enthusiast, James Fletcher, successfully completed the Mont Blanc 90K. You still have chance to donate to his chosen charity and support young people around the UK.

The Race

The gruelling race took place in the French and Swiss Alps around Mont Blanc and allowed participants just 24 hours to complete the 91km (57m) course. Making their way through changing climates and temperatures, runners came up against snow at high altitudes as well as baking heat along the way.

Conditions remained in favour of runners who began at 04:00am on Friday 29th June. James set out as one of the 1000 participants, at least 100 of which are considered professional athletes. Completing the race at 21:23pm on Friday evening, James achieved an outstanding time of 17h 23m, ranking 155 out of 1000!

James has described this as an 'amazing experience' and is very proud to have raised over £1,000 already but is still collecting donations for ESTEEM Charity.

James F_Mont Blac 90

Kingfisher Staff Support

Back in the office other staff members have been working hard to support James' charity drive with a combined effort of over 300m completed using an array of sports and equipment including cross trainers, hiking, rowing machines, running and much more!

Staff have been collecting donations for ESTEEM charity throughout June but there's still time to get your donations in! Follow the links below and help ESTEEM support young people with volunteering opportunities, career mentoring and personal development.

Make a real difference to young people lives:

Find out more;

... about the great work of ESTEEM and how you can get involved


... about the Mont Blanc 90K



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